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My Wilderness

“The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

To me the term wilderness invokes many different thoughts and experiences. Jesus had a range of wilderness times from 40 days of fasting into temptation, mountaintop nights to talk with His Father, and His final time in the garden. I too have experiences that range from early morning encounters in my front room with the east facing window to sitting on a mountain side watching a sunset or on the deck of a cruise ship in the wee hours of morning awaiting the majestic appearance of the sun on the ocean’s horizon. The common theme in all these is the presence of the Almighty Creator, God. And the surprising thing is that no matter how often I experience these, even day after day, there is never one the same. The sun is never at the same exact location, the same angle, the same clarity, but it is always rising and setting exactly on time, just as God designed it.

If the Creator of all things can speak something so magnificent into being, can’t I trust Him with the daily needs of my simple life? I would hope so, but just as there are days when I can’t visibly see the sunrise I still believe it’s there, so my daily walk with God can be difficult when things are hard and I’m having trouble seeing or hearing God but I have to believe that He is there because He said He always would be. Which brings me back to the wilderness - my time to marvel at God and embrace the intimacy with my Lord and Savior Jesus, to sit with Him in the heavenly realms spiritually while gazing at His creation physically. The wilderness helps grow my faith in an awesome Creator as I welcome the glorious sunrise filtering through the trees or stand amazed at the ocean horizon ablaze with the glow of the sinking sun. And my childlike wonder is awakened and renewed when I witness a shooting star in the black of night. All of these experiences enables me to agree with my Lord and Savior, not my will Father, but Thy will be done.

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