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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

If there's one thing I've learned to appreciate as a student of history and life, it's that all of God's creation yearns for balance. Sadly, when you look around at society today, we see everything racing towards the opposite condition. Out of balance. One-sided. One dimensional. Artificial lights and digital lives are replacing actual living. With this onslaught of mass-produced material made for our comfort, it is more important than ever to find balance, healing, and restoration in the backcountry. "Social media" encourages anti-social feelings of isolation, while an actual hike through the forest can rebuild relationships, restore health, hope and perspective. The click of a button behind the wall of a computer screen cannot compete with the campfire conversation that creates real knowledge and understanding of each other. At work, we deal with man-made problems and concepts. In nature, we deal with ourselves and the environment. We need both aspects in this life as we pursue whatever path we're called to follow. I have a strong belief that we are called to experience nature, to be healed by it, and to fully recognize the power and beauty of our Creator through it. When was the last time you "got out there" and experienced "the reset"--the true reality--that nature and some down time can provide? We are experts at helping foster families, veterans, and struggling young adults find the reset and the direction they need.

Join us at Mountains Move!

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