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First Ridgeline Retreat at Mountains Move

We held our first Ridgeline Retreat this weekend! What an experience for our staff to see the results of planning, prayer, and faithfully walking out the 'next steps'. Suddenly, we have a non-profit established, usable mustang holding facilities, a mustang, and our first attending guests. It all seemed to happen so quickly.

The analogies between Jack's experience and their own Foster care circumstances were striking. Like Jack, some children in their family were dropped into a new location with new surroundings, new family members, and a million questions. Like Jack, some of them were adopted into their new home. And like Jack, they came with their own stories of struggle, hardship and trials. They all faced new uncertain futures. It was inspiring to watch this young family play with reckless abandon on mountain bikes, at the fishing pond, and on horseback. What a blessing to experience their stories and to know that we had a small part in improving communication, building faith, and drawing them closer together.

In other venues, I used to say that 'we don't conquer mountains, mountains conquer us." I think this weekend represented a new perspective on that old phrase. In serving this wonderful family, our staff was served. In the effort to grow them in the areas of their struggles, we grew. Such is the power of sacrificial service. The person who serves is almost always the one receiving the greatest gift.

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