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14ers for Veterans


Over 6,000 veterans commit suicide every year. Over 10% of veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The need for real-time processing, healing, and encouragement is needed now more than ever.


Each veteran and military service member carries the experiences of war and service-related stress differently, and the challenges they face often go unnoticed or unresolved.


Mountains Move meets each veteran right where they are in their unique journey towards healing and gives them the experiences, tools, and community they need to overcome, heal, and thrive.


The Goal

If you have a passion for making a life-changing impact in the lives of veterans, military members, and their families, we invite you to join us in our 14ers for Vets fundraiser event!


The Mountains Move team will attempt the summit of all 53 Colorado 14,000-foot mountains by Veteran's Day, 2024. We want YOU to join us!


Through raising awareness and growing our Mountains Move family through this endeavor, our goal is to raise $1.5 Million in funding for infrastructure, operations, and veteran programming.


What YOU Can Do

Please pray and consider what type of gift you would like to give. Options include:

  • Check or online donation

  • Climb a mountain for pledges of support!

  • In-kind Donation (time, expertise, building materials, horse tack, etc.)

  • Become a monthly donor

Join the effort and commit to climbing a CO 14er or pledge to walk/run/hike/bike the trail distance of your chosen 14er  at home!

When you commit to climbing a mountain for the 14ers for Vets fundraiser, we provide you with the tools you need to share your climb (or walk) and help us raise awareness for veterans and be a part of changing lives.

Help us get the word out by sharing 14ers for Veterans with your friends, family, church and workplace!

Help change the lives of the veterans in your community by helping Mountains Move provide life-changing programs and build our own world-class facilities.

Please pray for this endeavor! we seek to honor Christ in all we do, including our fundraising. Please pray for God's provision & guidance, for the safety of all the climbers committed to this cause, and for the veterans & military service members we strive to honor & help through our programs.

Explore Colorado's 14ers

Image by Neil Rosenstech

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Give Today!
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