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The Measure of Sacrifice

On this Veteran's day, we commemorate the service and sacrifice of thousands of men and women who chose to serve their nation--men and women who raised their hand and volunteered to stand on the watchtower and defend the principles and people that comprise this great experiment that we call, "America."

What goes through your mind when you see the news about homeless veterans? What goes through your mind when so many ads come on the television about the families of veterans and their needs? Do you pause and consider the fact that these men and women went into harm's way to protect your way of life? Have you considered their experiences as you sat here in relative safety and peace, pushing your children in swings, expanding your business ventures and enjoying the blessings of peace and security? Those blessings are not free. They are bought with blood, sweat and not only tears, but years.... of sleepless nights and separated families.

Freedom, peace and security are bought with horrible injuries in training and combat. They are bought with emotional traumas of the things our vets have seen and experienced. They are bought with internal resolve to overcome those moments of fear and risk...and to battle through the scars for many years afterwards. Have you considered the measure of sacrifice made by our military men and women for your own sake on this Veteran's day? Have you thanked a vet for the freedoms and peace that you have enjoyed?

Join us at Mountains Move as we endeavor to minister to our Veterans and their families. We blend horses, backcountry adventure, good food, and faith-based recovery-in-nature to heal our vets and their families. Consider supporting us as a volunteer, a committed donor, or simply sponsor a family or a veteran so they can attend one of our programs. Helping our Veterans is an easy way to give back to those who raised their hand to give it all.

Join us on instagram, facebook, or at

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