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On Mustangs

As I watch global events unfold, it reminds me of an interesting quote I read recently: "We are here to awaken to the reality of our interconnectedness." The thought could be expanded to further suggest that "We are all interdependent upon each other." With all this conflict taking place, I find solace lately in working with our mustangs. In a way, I have become dependent upon Denali to turn my attention from world events and to teach me deeper truths about God, myself and others. It seems this interconnectedness extends to all of creation, if we have eyes for it.

Since I began this journey of adopting and training these wild horses from Canon City, I have come to the realization that they're really just training us. The horse tells us exactly what it needs, what it fears, and what it knows and doesn't know. She speaks with her eyes, ears, stance, feet, and movement. She also teaches some valuable lessons about trust. Mustangs are beautiful spiritual mirrors if you really pay attention, and they speak into every problem we wrestle with when we stop and listen. What is the biggest message that flows through all of these mustang sessions? How does God speak through these animals to our staff and guests? I would summarize it like this: "Authentic, unselfish love is the cornerstone of trust—necessary before any progress can be made—and trust is the framework for building towards ultimate purpose and fulfillment." Once trust is established, faith in each other can prosper like a well-tended garden, and then you can start working on the real issues of life.

This beautiful little horse tells me these are absolutes. Faith and trust in something outside of ourself is mandatory—and there are no shortcuts. If you really start digging into these, you'll quickly discover some deep waters as they relate to vulnerability, teamwork, loyalty, the hazards of ego, woundedness, and a myriad other rocks and mountains to navigate... All available through the living analogy of a beautiful horse, set against the backdrop of God's word.

I believe that somewhere along the rocky path of this idea of the interconnectedness of creation, if we're really honest with ourselves, we will find solutions to our global problems. And if we pay enough attention, we may just find God...or at least what he originally intended. Clearly, this theme is woven into the fabric of the universe. Interconnectedness is evidenced everywhere in nature. Interconnectedness is infused even into the vector of our own technologies. Interconnectedness and interdependence are necessary to accomplish anything of importance. Once we come to a place of accepting that we're all connected in this magnificent network we call "creation", then maybe we can find meaning and peace instead of warfare, polarization, and strife. I won't pretend to know how to get us there. But these mustangs are teaching me that it begins with unselfish, unconditional love and slowly building upon a foundation of trust. And there are no shortcuts. Just ask Denali.

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Beautiful, powerful message, Heath. Truth.

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